Empowering Women:  Norma Mendoza, our farm manager, is the only woman managing a coffee farm in all of southern Honduras. Norma grew up on a coffee farm and coffee has been a part of her life since she was old enough to walk and pick coffee herself. Norma is breaking the mold of what being a woman means on the La Botija mountain range. Her example and great leadership is empowering other women to break that cycle that poverty often has on women in rural areas of the lesser developed world.  


Employees:  Our coffee is about relationships, not only with our customers but also with the women and men who work daily on our farm in Honduras to produce an amazing coffee. Our farm is  Certified Fair Trade but our commitment is to pay 25% more than the Fair Trade wages paid in our region. Apart from a commitment to dignified wages we provide annual medical attention through the Mission Lazarus Family Clinic,  the parent company of San Lazaro Estate Coffee. This medical clinic is within walking distance for our workers and their families. 

The Future:  100% of the profits from the sale of San Lazaro Estate Coffee go to help support the operations of the Mission Lazarus Refuge Honduras. The Mission Lazarus Refuge, located in the community of Jayacayan at the foot of the La Botija mountains provides an ideal setting for abandoned, orphaned and abused children to Learn, Love, and Live.