The Coffee

100% of our Certified Fair Trade beans are raised in the La Botija mountains of Southeastern Honduras. Our coffee is harvested not only by women and men who are our employees but also our friends. Harvested and processed 100% by hand, our natural blending of 3 varieties of arabic coffee plants provides an amazing experience! We focus on a medium roast that preserves the great flavors that our coffee is known for. With hints of caramel, milk chocolate, and citrus this coffee is very smooth with a great bold body. But don’t take our word for it, try some for yourself today!


The Region

San Lázaro Coffee is raised on our farm in the La Botija mountains of southeastern Honduras near the small town of San Marcos de Colon. Coffee was introduced to this region in the 19th Century and has been an important part of the local economy and culture ever since. 100% Strictly High Grown coffee, raised at or near 1500 meters above sea level (5000 feet). Due to the elevation and local climate San Lázaro Estate Coffee is less acidic than many Central American coffees.



We only raise Arabica varieties of coffee. Arabica coffee has a lower caffeine content than Robusta varieties of coffee however what it is lacking in caffeine is made up for in flavor.



The Catuai variety was achieved after numerous hybrid crosses of already well established varieties. The Typica variety, what the famous Hawaiian Kona coffee is from, was crossed with the Bourbon variety to create Mundo Novo. Mundo Novo was then crossed with Caturra in Brazil in the 1930’s and the resulting variety is Catuaii.



This coffee was originally planted in the early 1700’s on the island of Bourbon in the Indian Ocean, now known as the island of Reunion. Later the Bourbon variety was planted in Brazil in the 1800’s and from there spread throughout Latin America. The Bourbon variety typically produces 20 - 30% more than typical Arabica varieties.



The Caturra variety was derived from the Bourbon variety near the town of Caturra, Brazil in the 1930’s. The Caturra variety usually has a higher yield than the Bourbon variety due to the plant being shorter and the branches closer together. The Caturra variety coffee matures quicker than other varieties, produces a higher yield, and tends to be more resistant to diseases than other Arabica varieties.