Our Farm


San Lázaro Coffee is raised on our farm in the La Botija mountains of southeastern Honduras near the small town of San Marcos de Colon. Coffee was introduced to this region in the 19th Century and has been an important part of the local economy and culture ever since. 100% Strictly High Grown coffee, raised at or near 1500 meters above sea level (5000 feet). Due to the elevation and local climate San Lázaro Estate Coffee is less acidic than many Central American coffees.



Our Relationships


Our coffee is about relationships, not only with our customers but also with the women and men who work daily on our farm in Honduras to produce an amazing coffee. Our farm is  Certified Fair Trade but our commitment is to pay 25% more than the Fair Trade wages paid in our region.



Our Commitment


We want to grow a great coffee but also to protect the land that provides us our harvest. Conventional methods of coffee production implementing large quantities of fertilizer and insecticides can greatly increase plant yield however they would put at risk the many aquifers and springs on our property where the Las Palmas river is born.